Cause Marketing Strategy

Cause marketing, or can be known as cause-related marketing is a cooperative effort to mutual benefit to the society and other charitable causes between a for-profit product or business and a non-profit organisation (Grantspace, 2015). Besides, company which applied this marketing strategy is not usually based on a donation programme but from the product or the service that consumers purchase. By applying cause marketing into the business, companies may be received a positive public relation and increase to its’ customer relations.


TOMS shoes company is an excellent example on applying cause marketing into its’ brand. By using the cause marketing, TOMS introduced ‘one for one’ concept model, which the company will donate a pair of shoes for every sale that they made to children in need. This model not only successfully improves the reputation and sales of TOMS shoes but also leaves a positive image of TOMS company to consumers.


Furthermore, although TOMS has success in this ‘one for one’ concept model but TOMS still announce the latest campaign ‘One Day without Shoes’ in order to raise awareness for child in need. This campaign may help the company attract new potential consumers and also keep the consumers by interacting with them through social media. ‘One Day without Shoes’ is a campaign that anyone can donate a pair of shoes for less fortunate without purchasing any product for just simply capture a photo with their bare foot and post it through the social media with a hashtag. It is really exciting to see what activity or campaign idea will be the next for TOMS shoes company with the use of cause marketing.


Written by: K. Jing Yee (u1675912)


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