Storytelling Marketing Strategy

Brand storytelling marketing strategy is a strategy that could easily get attention from their audiences and interact with them. By using this strategy, any brand could bring out their own stories which may also indirectly give customers know more about the brand and its’ background. Customers would spend more on a product that they understand instead of a brand that they not familiar with.


An inspiring storytelling could also influence customers’ emotional level through blogs, social media or television. Storytelling marketing strategy could be applied to TOMS brand as it has a lot of stories on their charity background. For instance, TOMS could talk about a charitable trip that the company went to. Storytelling may strongly let audiences leave an unforgettable memories compared only giving out some figure and data about the company itself. In order to make the strongest impact to customers, TOMS could organises storytelling contenonce-upon-a-purpose-how-companies-can-use-stories-to-connect-people-and-purpose_1.jpgt to let customers engage more about the brand activities. TOMS may note down some interesting ideas from contestants which may be applied into its’ marketing plan. Visual storytelling would be more easy to catch audiences eyes ball rather than a word storytelling.


According to, it mentioned that “people don’t buy what you do, they buy how you make them feel and the story you give them to tell”. Therefore, if the customer feels and understands what the message brings out from the video, they will result in an inspires environment which may influence their buying behaviour.


Written by: K. Jing Yee (u1675912)


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